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Royal Ranger FCF Spring Trace

2014 Spring Trace Information

It is time once again to make our way back to the beautiful camp at Heartland. We will have three days of adventures and fellowship before we get to enjoy the heat of another Ohio summer. I look forward to seeing all my FCF brothers again. We will also have a chance to welcome our prospective new members going through their Frontier Adventure.

The 2014 National FCF Rendezvous will be the biggest and best FCF event ever. Make plans now to attend this once in a lifetime event. Come and share in a special brand of fellowship, camaraderie, and competition with your FCF brotherhood. National Director, Doug ‘Discerning Eagle’ Marsh, and National FCF President, Paul ‘Grey Owl’ Walters will be the featured speakers. Enjoy the praise and worship of Brenton Miles. Do not miss this opportunity to join in the undaunted spirit of the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship. The dates for Rendezvous will be July 14th – 18th 2014 located at Camp Eagle Rock, MO. You can register and get more information at

Trace place: Heartland Conference and Retreat Center

Date: 5/2-5/4

Unchartered Outpost Cost: Old Timers $41.00 / Young Bucks $29.00

Chartered Outpost Cost: Old Timers $35.00 / Young Bucks $25.00( If you are in college there is no charge )

Those coming to Spring Trace for their Frontier Adventure will have a different charge according to the letter that you receive from the scribe. You need to make sure you arrive on time and are ready to go. It never hurts to be a little early either. Remember to follow the instructions you get in your letter and to bring everything you’ll need for your Adventure. Candidates will also be fed by the Traveler’s Inn for their Saturday night meal so make sure you adjust your meal planning accordingly.

If you are going to come on Thursday let the scribe know. There will be an additional charge. We will set up in the FCF meadow or possibly in a new spot that is yet to be determined.

We’ll also have a Black Powder class on Friday night that will start around the same time as the Frontier Adventure. You’ll only need pen and paper on Friday but come Saturday you’ll need your smoke pole along with eye and ear protection as you head out for the range to put into practice what you’ve learned in class. The cost for the class is $20. If you’re interested in attending send an e-mail with your head count to John Hembree (Many Waters) by April 23rd at

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – Scout SelectionWe will also conduct a Scout selection at Spring Trace. In order for Young bucks to participate you’ll need the scout application and three reference forms completed and at a minimum brought with you to Spring Trace due to the short time frame of this announcement. It would be better though if you could go ahead and send them to the scribe for review. You can access the forms at the National FCF site: or with this packet.

Download Packet

Scout Application Form

Personal Reference Form

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