Network Affiliated Churches

The Church Development Department endeavors to build up our network affiliated pastors and churches in a variety of ways. From regional representatives and reports to orientations and blogs, we strive to connect with our network affiliated pastors! Our team of regional representatives works with the Church Development Department and area presbyters to serve our network affiliated pastors. Team members and the regions each serves are listed below:

Network Affiliated Constitution and Bylaws

It is strongly recommended that every Network Affiliated Church have a copy of the constitution and bylaws in their church files. To download an editable copy of the Network Affiliated Constitution and Bylaws, click here.

Network Affiliated Information Sheet

For reminders regarding finances, reports, and insurance, click here.

Monthly Reports

Monthly reports allow the network affiliated pastor to share updates and information with the church development team.  Each month,  a link to the monthly reports is emailed to each of our network affiliated pastors. This email also contains links to interesting articles and helpful resources. For information and assistance with monthly reports, email the Church Development Department or call at (614) 396-0700 ext. 136.

Network Pastor Orientation

Pastoring a church is an awesome responsibility; connecting with other pastors and being equipped with resources are necessary for healthy ministry! Network affiliated churches come with some processes and procedures that we would like to introduce to you that will support you in your role as a network affiliated pastor.  For more information, please email the Church Development Department or call at (614) 396-0700 ext. 136.

Annual Reviews

The annual review process gives network affiliated pastors and churches a comprehensive resource to both review the past year and plan for the year ahead. Network affiliated pastors complete reports and meet with their area development committee in October or November to review their reports. Annual reviews are due in the church development office by December 15. Below are the forms needed to complete this process (church multiplication forms can be found on the OCMN website).

For more information, please email the Church Development Department or call at (614) 396-0700 ext. 136.

Connect With Us!

Connect with Church Development Director John Musgrave on Facebook and the Network Affiliated blog.