Church & Lead Pastor Transitions

The apostle Paul in his writings refers to our Christian journey as a race. When he does, we think of track and possibly the Olympics. We would like to borrow from that analogy as you begin this transition in pastoral ministry. More specifically, we would like to draw your attention to a relay race. One of the key components of a relay race is the transfer of the baton from one runner to the next. If the handoff slows the runner or worse yet, if the baton is dropped, the race can be lost.

During the transition period there will be several participants handling the baton, including the church, the interim pastor, and the next lead pastor. Our desire is to assist in the passing of that baton from one participant to another. We desire to see the local church succeed in this transition! A healthy pastoral transition is one that enables a church to move forward into the next phase of its development with a new leader with a minimum of losses during the transition. The Ohio Ministry Network Church Development Department desires to assist our churches and pastors in the transition process.

The Church Transition Team

Our process is designed to allow those with little or no experience to serve effectively as members of the transition team. Our process will assist the local church by reviewing and considering:
  • The composition, key qualities, and role of the transition team
  • The key components of the transition process
  • The role of intentional interim pastoral ministry
  • The process of securing the next lead pastor
  • The welcoming of a new pastor

Intentional Interim Ministry

More than simply filling the pulpit, intentional interim ministry places trained pastors in churches to care for ministry needs and encourage a healthy transition.

Lead Pastor Resumes

The Church Development Department processes lead pastor resumes and offers a variety of resources to pastors seeking a lead pastor position. Church resumes differ greatly from secular resumes. Two resources that can assist a pastor with creating a resume are a template that contains the elements most pulpit committees/transition team routinely ask for and an article, “How to Write or Make a Church Resume.” Pastors who have submitted a lead pastor resume to the Network Resource Center are invited to attend our Resume Orientation.