Church Life

Maybe you are like one pastor who said, “I have not been trained to pastor in the New WORLD! I have been trained to pastor in a world that no longer exists.”  Leadership is discerning the mind of Christ and facilitating the present life of Christ through this church into this community.  In his book Church Next: Quantum Changes in How We Do Ministry, Ernie Gibbs describes keys, transitions in the midst of the seismic shifts that are happening in our cultural context.  These include:
  • From Living in the Past to Engaging with the Present
  • From Market Driven to Missions Oriented
  • From Bureaucratic Hierarchies to Apostolic Networks
  • From Schooling Professionals to Mentoring Leaders
  • From Following Celebrities to Encountering Saints
  • From Dead Orthodoxies to Living Faith
  • From Attracting a Crowd to Seeking the Lost
  • From Belonging to Believing
  • From Generic Congregations to Incarnational Communities

Church Life Resources

The Ohio Ministry Network desires to see plateaued and declining churches lifted to a new level of ministry effectiveness and community influence!  To help churches reach this new level, the Ohio Ministry Network has partnered with Church Life Resources to offer a valuable resource:
Church Life provides a mechanism and a track to follow by which a local pastor, his team, and the entire church can be lifted in six core areas:

  1. Spiritual Life
  2. Community Life
  3. Ministry
  4. Outreach
  5. Leadership
  6. Management

We will work through the lead pastor by establishing a structured coaching relationship.  This coaching relationship has two focuses: (1) coaching the lead pastor so that he can reach his full potential and (2) coaching the lead pastor through a strategic plan for the growth, health, and development of the church. The structured coaching relationship will touch on character, spiritual life, personal life, and leadership while the strategic plan is developed as a trained Church Life consultant visits the church for an Individual Church Consultation (ICC).  The ICC will involve the following:

  • Function
  • Ministry Model
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Organization
  • Process
  • Structure
  • Staff Alignment
Following the ICC, the consultant works with an assigned coach and the lead pastor assessing the strengths as well as the possible limitation of the church and its ministries. This assessment will allow for the development of a strategic plan to propel the church forward!  This strategic plan needs to follow vision! Every coach has a game plan, every chef has a recipe, every musician has a score, and every builder has a blue print. A minister needs an internal design showing how church life is supposed to happen.  Once the plan is in place a coach will walk with the pastor in a consistent structured relationship thus enabling the pastor to be supported in this journey. The coach’s role is to help the pastor succeed in the fulfillment of His God-given vision for that church!

Currently, we are building a network of thirty to forty Church Life coaches!  We believe we can partner with 160-200 churches!  We can see the existing churches of our network become healthier, life-giving expressions of Jesus Christ in their communities! If you are interested in a Church Life Individual Church Consultation for your church, please call email John Musgrave or call 614-396-0700, ext. 136.