Who is Jesus?

More than two thousand years ago God sent Jesus Christ into this world. He became one of us, but he did nothing wrong. He showed us what God is like – merciful and kind. He healed the sick people, the blind were made to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk. Some people followed him, and to them he gave a new way of life – God’s way. But others hated Him because He was so good, and he exposed their evil ways.

He gave his own life as a sacrifice, a payment for our sins. He died on the cross to save us. Three days after he died, Jesus Christ came back from the dead. Now He lives in the power of an endless life to meet your need, to be your Saviour, to forgive your sins. Jesus Christ is the only one who can do this for you.

Why We Exist

The Ohio Ministry Network exists to encourage and support Ohio families, churches and ministry leaders. We strive to equip and resource churches and pastors to tell the world about Jesus.

However, if you've come to this site seeking answers about Jesus, seeking help in troubled times, or would like prayer, please contact us at the number below.

May God richly bless you today!

Contact Info

8405 Pulsar Place

Phone: 614.396.0700

Fax: 614.396.0701

Web: ohioministry.net

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Geographical Areas of the Ohio Ministry Network

OMNAreasandRegions_forWebBased on 14 separate groupings of Ohio’s 88 counties, churches and ministry leaders identify locally with a specific geographic area. See the areas listed below for each ministry leader and contact information. Credentialed ministers and non-credentialed ministers associated with churches and ministries in each area gather monthly for area ministers meetings. These incorporate networking, idea sharing, spiritual encouragement, prayer, and special speakers or initiatives during the year. Additionally, statewide ministries, such as Youth Ministries, Girls Ministries, Boys Ministries, etc., all have area representatives who coordinate and serve the leaders of these ministries at the local church level. Contact your Area presbyter or ministry representative for further information … and get connected!


General Presbyters

John Wootton
John WoottonSuperintendent
Jim Palmer
Jim PalmerAssistant Superintendent
Donna Barrett
Donna BarrettGeneral Presbyter

Executive Presbyters

David Welle
David WelleRegion 1 Executive Presbyter
Larry Fletcher
Larry FletcherRegion 2 Executive Presbyter
Chris Beard
Chris BeardRegion 3 Executive Presbyter
Konan Stephens
Konan StephensRegion 4 Executive Presbyter

Area Leadership

East Central Area

Chuck Davis
Chuck DavisPresbyter
Assistant PresbyterMatt Wright
Church DevelopmentGreg Pennington
Girl's MinistryN/A
Kid's MinistryRuthie Fletcher
Men's MinistryN/A
MissionsDave Kidd
Pastors' Wives Susie Davis
Royal RangersChuck Harlow
Women's MinistryTerri Myers
Youth MinistryTravis Wright

Greater Akron Area

Josh Willaford
Josh WillafordPresbyter
Assistant PresbyterLance Porubsky
Church DevelopmentN/A
Girl's MinistryHilary Ommert
Kid's ministryN/A
Men's MinistryBill Thompson
MissionsJosh Willaford
Pastors' Wives N/A
Royal Rangers Steve Stephanoff
Women's MinistryN/A
Youth MinistryMark Pickering

Greater Cincinnati Area

Dave BittingerPresbyter
Assistant PresbyterTom Baxter
Church DevelopmentN/A
Girl's MinistryLynn Brollier
Kid's MinistryDerek Sanborn
Men's MinistryJoseph Winter
MissionsDave and Liz Bittinger
Pastors' Wives N/A
Royal RangersGary Bayes
Women's MinistryN/A
Youth MinistryAndrew King

Greater Cleveland Area

Mike Wengerd
Mike WengerdPresbyter
Assistant PresbyterPeter Miller
Church DevelopmentN/A
Girl's MinistryChristine DeMattie
Kid's MinistryJeff Lease
Men's MinistryMike Strange
MissionsRandy Young
Pastors' Wives Pam Wengerd
Royal RangersDavid Burnside
Women's MinistryN/A
Youth MinistryErik Zaborowski

Gr. Columbus East Area

Rusty Foley
Rusty FoleyPresbyter
Assistant PresbyterRick Mason
Church DevelopmentRusty Foley
Girl's MinistryN/A
Kid's MinistryLaura Adam
Men's MinistryTodd Troyer
MissionsRick Mason
Pastors' Wives N/A
Royal RangersAaron Snyder
Women's MinistryN/A
Youth MinistryN/A

Gr. Columbus West Area

Chris GrossPresbyter
Assistant PresbyterJeff Smith
Church DevelopmentRusty Foley
Girl's MinistryN/A
Kid's MinistryBrian Osborne
Men's MinistryN/A
MissionsRick Mason
Pastors' Wives Kay Gross
Royal RangersAaron Snyder
Women's MinistryN/A
Youth MinistryJake Wirth

Gr. Dayton Area

Eric Smith
Eric SmithPresbyter
Assistant PresbyterDan Brown
Church DevelopmentAndy Warren
Girl's MinistryN/A
Kid's MinistryAshley Burtram
Men's MinistryN/A
MissionsDan Brown
Pastors' Wives Lisa Scarbrough
Royal RangersDavid Rose
Women's MinistriesKatrina Miller
Youth MinistryJacob Collins

North Central Area

Kevin Crow
Kevin CrowPresbyter
Assistant PresbyterVince Cooper
Church DevelopmentBill Savage
Girl's MinistryN/A
Kid's MinistryCarl Ethridge
Men's MinistryDave McNeely
MissionsJeff Phail
Pastors' Wives Robin Crow
Royal RangersWilliam Powell
Women's MinistryN/A
Youth MinistryMike Hadinger

Northeast Area

Larry Bogenrief
Larry BogenriefPresbyter
Assistant PresbyterAaron Taylor
Church DevelopmentChris Wooley
Girl's MinistryCrystal Faatz
Kid's MinistrySteve Davis
Men's MinistryPatrick Robinson
MissionsAaron Taylor
Pastors' Wives Debbie Wilson
Royal RangersEd Kuzmick
Women's MinistryN/A
Youth MinistryN/A

Northwest Area

Josh Plaisance
Josh PlaisancePresbyter
Assistant PresbyterKen DeChant III
Church DevelopmentChris Boggs
Girl's MinistryDeb Fruchey
Kid's MinistryDawn Biery
Men's MinistryN/A
MissionsBill McGinnis
Pastors' Wives Stacey Plaisance
Royal RangersJeremy Lord
Women's MinistriesKathy Trowbridge
Youth MinistryN/A

South Central Area

Phil Foster
Phil FosterPresbyter
Assistant PresbyterAlex Colon
Church DevelopmentShaun Howard
Girl's MinistryKim Bolton
Kid's MinistryDale & Gina Warner
Men's MinistryShaun Howard
MissionsTim McGinnis
Pastors' Wives Deborah Colon
Royal RangersChester Duncan
Women's MinistryN/A
Youth MinistryN/A

Southeast Area

Brent Heishman
Brent HeishmanPresbyter
Assistant PresbyterJoe Summers
Church DevelopmentGreg Pennington
Girl's MinistrySandy Everett
Kid's MinistryJodi Cameron
Men's MinistryN/A
MissionsJoe Summers
Pastors' Wives Lisa Heishman
Royal RangersBenny McCullough
Women's MinistriesTerri Myers
Youth MinistryDan Leakey

West Central Area

Mark AndreasenPresbyter
Assistant PresbyterHarry Peterson
Church DevelopmentHarry Peterson
Girl's MinistryJudy Donnal
Kid's MinistryJennifer Johnston
Men's MinistryHarry Peterson
MissionsRandy Davis
Pastors' Wives Peggy Holbrook
Royal RangersJohn Coleman
Women's MinistriesBarb Musgrave
Youth MinistrySara Good

Youngstown/Warren Area

Al Yanno, Jr
Al Yanno, JrPresbyter
Assistant PresbyterChris Woolley
Church DevelopmentChris Wooley
Girl's MinistryN/A
Kid's MinistryLori Valenzisi
Men's MinistryN/A
MissionsGary Gray
Pastors' Wives Gwen Mitchell
Royal RangersRandy Fetters
Women's MinistryN/A
Youth MinistryMatt Miller